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After you've submitted your app to the app store, you'll probably want to set up a web page for it on your own website. This can be as simple as displaying the description and screenshots you submitted for the app on the app store... or you can include additional information, extra screenshots, and even videos of your app in use.

Page Builders

There are several services (such as Carp) that you can use to automatically create a nice looking web page for your app.


Unless your app is free, the description and screenshots are the only way for people to learn what your app does. The app store limits you to 5 screenshots, but if you need more, the web page is a good place to put them.

A nice touch is to add a javascript lightbox feature, so your screenshots will pop over the page content. Here are two:


If your app is complex or expensive, a demo video might help it sell. If you have a video camera, you can always go the handheld video-camera route. Here's one developer's experiences with creating an iPhone game video.

Another option is to use a screen capture tool such as Snapz Pro or ScreenFlow to record the app while you run it in the simulator (in Xcode).

You can use iMovie to edit, add effects or voiceovers to existing recordings.

Linking To Your App

Once your app is on the app store, you can get the direct url for it by control-clicking on the app name in iTunes:

Here's what the URL will look like:


You can also find your App ID in the "Your application status is Ready for Sale" e-mail from Apple:

Application Apple ID: YOURAPPID

App Store Badges

Apple has provided an official "Available on the App Store" badge; you can download it from the Marketing Resources page in the iOS The image is available on the developer program portal.

Affiliate Links

Want to earn an extra 5% on your app sales? Become an iTunes affiliate. Once you're approved, you can create affiliate links in Linkshare, and add those to your app page. Whenever someone clicks on the link and purchases your app, you'll earn 5% of the sales price.